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Friday, August 31, 2007

Combining Wellness Programs with High Deductible Health Plans is a Must

A recent business week article suggests that unless HSA's, health savings accounts are linked to an active wellness program combined with education, employees could end up in debt. However, if a properly incentivized wellness program is combined with a health savings account employers can reap the rewards of significant savings. Accordinfg to the Journal of Health Promotion, companies that have wellness programs show a 30% reduction in medical and absenteeism costs within 3.6 years. The Wellness COuncils of America reports a return on investment of $24 for every $1 spent on wellness. What is the take away? It makes sense from both the employers point of view and the employees point of view to combine a HSA with a robust, well funded and incentivized wellness program. The typical wellness program offers an annual health risk assessment, combined with health screening and follows that up with health education, coaching and commitment from the CEO all the way down to the lunchroom!

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