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Friday, September 28, 2007

A Healthy Tax Credit!

Wellness programs are the answer to the healthcare crisis. The Healthy Workforce Act of 2007, a bill sponsored by Senators Tom Harkin, D-Iowa and Gordon Smith, R-Ore., which would give tax incentives to businesses who have wellness programs is legislation we should all support. This bill is the ticket to turning the tide in both spiraling health care costs and 70% of the diseases in this country.

Here are just of few of the disheartening statistics that are out there:

- Preventable chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease are responsible for nearly 75% of our nation's total health costs. Read it again!
- Some companies spend more than 50% of their profits to cover healthcare costs for their employees. Starbucks spends more on employee health care than it does on coffee beans!
-Average medical claims costs per 100 employees were $7503 for normal weigh individuals and $51,019 for the obese.
-Obesity costs $33 billion in annual health care and other indirect costs

The Healthy Workforce Act of 2007 proposes a $200/employee tax credit for the first 200 employees and $100 per each additional employee if a business has a bonafide wellness program. What does this consist of? Health education for employees, periodic health screenings, behavioral change programs for smoking, weight management, stress, and meaningful incentives tied to program participation.

This is necessary legislation and will impact the small business community significantly.

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