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Monday, September 10, 2007

Healthy, Wealthy and Green!

12,000 Walmart employees have quit smoking as a result of Walmart's green initiative. Talk about a hidden benefit with real money saving implications! The annual extra incremental cost of an employee who smokes has been pegged at $3500 ( productivity and health care costs). Using those numbers, we are talking about a $42 million dollar potential cost savings! Now, that is real money! According to a fascinating article in the September issue of Fast Company magazine,Walmart's audacious energy and sustainability goals have resulted in Walmart employees making significant healthy lifestyle changes! The company, Act Now is working with Walmart employees to pick one simple action - an individual Personal Sustainability Plan- that will both improve their life and benefit the planet. The goal is to get people to make tiny changes that add up to big impacts! That is what wellness is all about. At Wellness Corporate Solutions we have been working with a few forward thinking companies to implement initiatives that encourage employees to make a personal commitment to green living. We believe that the health of the individual and the health of the planet go hand in hand and so do the innovative clients we work with.

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