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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lawyers to the Rescue - hope for the obese

We have been following the stories of companies who are attempting to penalize employees who are overweight or obese, and come down firmly on the side of the employees. Incentives not penalties are the way to go. Well, the lawyers are on our side! Lawyers say that the weight differential penalties could violate obese employees rights and could be an ADA ( Americans with Disabilities Act) violation.

Wellness programs work best when they are perceived as a benefit. In fact, well run wellness programs are huge benefit to employees as they support them in their journey towards better health for a lifetime. American workers feel besieged from all sides, we work harder than employees in any other industrial country, and we have less support from the government in terms of health care and other social services. There is absolutely no reason a wellness program should be used as another hammer to knock employees over the head with.

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