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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Maybe Too Green at Employees Expense?

Over the past year it seems that ecological balance, sustainability, and going green have become a must in corporate America. You're "in" if you're going green and practicing corporate responsibility. While I applaud corporations for recognizing their special role in responsible environmental policies and practices, I worry that some of the funds used to create and implement these programs might be taken away from other employee programs that encourage health, balanced lifestyle, and fitness. Today it might be cooler for a company to invest in a "green day" instead of an "employee health day".

For example, Wal Mart, the world's largest corporation has embarked on creating greening history by investing $500 million per year and committing to using renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions at all stores and distribution centers. This is fantastic news, but if green was not so financially green, would more money have been appropriated to reducing the rate of obesity and diabetes among Wal Mart's 1.8 million employees?

I believe we all need to take responsiblity for planet earth and it's environment and I'm thrilled at the number of companies joining the green wagon. However, let's also make sure we stay passionate about educating and investing in the health and wellness of each individual employee. They are our most important asset.

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