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Friday, September 7, 2007

Wellness - It's so easy a grocery store can do it!

I was encouraged by a recent New York Times article detailing how Hanaford's, a Maine based grocery chain experienced great success in directing customers towards healthier food choices. Sales of items labelled with stars indicating they were healthy increased, while sales of items with no stars ( not healthy) decreased. Wow - way to go. Now, if they can do it, everyone can. This just goes to show, if you educate people, whether at work, in the grocery store or other places, they will listen. There is no reason why this model could not be carried out in company cafeterias, school lunch lines etc. Labelling something healthy choice might not be the ticket, try the "star" method employed by Hanaford. Give unhealthy foods zero stars, and load up the stars on those health foods. While you are at it, how about just eliminating all of the unhealthy foods from your vending machines and putting a giant star right on the machine! Okay, call me crazy...but much smarter people than me have already said it - the writing is on the wall, and as a nation we have to take the bull by the horns and work together to improve the health of us all!

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