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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wellness Programs - Just Do It!

In the early 1990's corporate wellness programs were perceived as a warm and fuzzy feel good business practice. Wellness was an added benefit for booming companies with CEO's that had a personal commitment to health and fitness and wanted to "spread the love" among employees. In the 90's these employers felt wellness was the right thing to do because the individual was their most valuable asset. In today's workplace, employers are investing in wellness because it is just too expensive not to! However,recent statistics are showing they are not spending enough! According to the 2006 Towers Perrin Health Care Cost Survey, U.S. employers are facing an 8% increase in their 2006 health care costs. In flat dollar terms, next year’s gross health care expenditure is expected to rise by an average of $597 per employee with an average total cost of $8,424 -- representing a 140% increase over the last 10 years!

This condition is chronic! This is a no brainer! There is an endless supply of wellness information out there on the web. http://www.wellnesscorporatesolutions.com/ If a company can help one employee adopt one healthier lifestyle, their employee will have a lower risk of chronic disease, less absenteeism, and lower total health care cost. We've got the data, now we have to implement the culture. Let's go HR!

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