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Friday, October 19, 2007

Employee Wellness-a global business initiative

According to a survey by Buck Consultants of employers representing over 7 million employees, employee wellness programs are being offered by companies worldwide. The prevalence by geography among all respondents, whether or not they were multinational employers is as follows:

• North America, 86 percent.

• Europe, 25 percent.

• Asia, 21 percent.

• Australia, 20 percent.

• Central and South America, 19 percent.

• Africa/Middle East, 18 percent.

Some employers offer wellness programs to reduce their health care costs and others offer them as a recruitment and retention enhancer proving the multiple ways wellness programs add value to an employers bottom line.The study predicts a strong growth in workplace health competitions—wellness-focused team activities in areas such as weight loss, nutrition and physical activity. The motivation comes from group competition and teamwork. At Wellness Corporate Solutions we have promoted team based wellness competitions as a way to energize and refocus your wellness program as well as build morale within companies. Expect more companies to join the bandwagon in 2008.

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