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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Why can't we all just get along

I read a ton of of articles and blog posts, and it seems like people come down very strongly on one side or another of who is to blame for our increased costs. Many people get really upset by articles that blame obesity or poor health habits for increasing costs. They would rather blame the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies for jacking up rates. Other people don't understand why people just can't lose weight or exercise. It is the "I do it, so everyone else should" attitude. There are certain realities, cold hard facts, that illustrate the relationship between poor health habits and our out of control health care costs. And yes, the pharmaceutical companies probably do not have to charge such astronomical fees for their drugs ( maybe if they cut back on some of those annoying and embarrassing commercials).Regardless, we can adopt a more compassionate attitude. Behavior change is not easy, it is a slow process with many bumps for everyone. Small changes do add up and that should be our goal. Incremental changes that eventually will add up to big cost savings.

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