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Friday, November 9, 2007

Employer Wellness Programs Put Focus on Healthy Habits

Rewarding healthy habits through employee wellness programs are one way to control spiraling healthcare costs. The goal of corporate wellness programs is keep employees well, leading to increased productivity and a reduction in the rate of increase in healthcare costs.

Take a look at the Pepsi Bottling Group wellness program. They incent employees to complete a health risk assessment by paying $75 to each employee who completes the HRA. Employees who are found to have unhealthy lifestyle habits are offered free coaching to manage the condition. It worked! 27% of the employees who participated in smoking cessation programs became non-smokers and an additional 6% reduced their tobacco use. These and other wellness initiatives have reduced monthly healthcare costs by $118.55 per participant over two years, saving Pepsi Bottling approximately 21.7 million dollars!

Employees are more willing to participate in wellness programs if there is an incentive. Employees might just participate to get the reward, and that's fine, because participation leads to results and that benefits both the employee and the employer's bottom line. A win win for all involved.

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