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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Small Employers Can Benefit From Wellness Programs

Traditionally, fewer small companies invest in wellness than large companies. About 65% of companies with 100-499 employees have wellness programs, versus 78% with more than 500 employees. But many small employees have found that wellness programs pay off.

United Educators, a specialized insurance and risk management company based in the Washington, DC area has seen turnover drop from 25% annually down to 10% and insurance rates rise a total of 5% over the past three years vs a national average of 28%. They attribute these results to their wellness initiatives which include free health screenings, walking programs, nutrition and stress management workshops and other employee friendly benefits.

Automation Services, a Missouri based small business spends about $200 a week to supply its employees with fresh fruit and healthy snacks. They spend an additional $3000 a year on vitamins and plan to expand the program to healthy breakfasts and lunches.

Both of these employers have CEO's who walk the walk and talk the talk. They promote health and wellness in their daily lives and support it in their employees lives. The payoff is huge, healthier employees, decreased turnover and enhanced recruitment.

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