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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Workplace Wellness Programs Are Effective Risk Management

Reducing your health claims is the only way to reduce your health insurance going forward, and employee wellness programs with strong emphasis on chronic preventable diseases are the only way for companies to affect their claims. Essentially, an investment in wellness in an investment in a companies bottom line.Chronic disease costs us $300 billion a year for treatment and $1 trillion a year in lost productivity according to a recent Miliken Institute report.

As long as your employee wellness program focuses on the positive, provides incentives for healthy behavior and is not built around penalizing unhealthy behavior, employees should respond in a positive way. It's not new information that our health care costs are skyrocketing. You would have to live in a vacuum to not know that many of these costs are due to unhealthy lifestyle habits. Americans are bombarded day in day out with the message that good nutrition and exercise lead to better health. What we are short of is time, access and support. Given that we spend so many of our waking hours at work, and in this country employers are the primary providers and withholders of health insurance( when it is too costly) we owe it to our employees to give them the opportunity and the tools to better manage their health. This type of program should not be limited to large employers, small employers can implement wellness programs at a fraction of the cost of health insurance. Between $100 and $200 per year per employee buys an awful lot of wellness. $100 to $200 per year per employee buys you zippo in health insurance.

I'll be writing more about simple, inexpensive programs employers can implement that will make all the difference when it comes to their employees health and productivity, and trust me, it does not involve donuts or coffee!

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