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Thursday, December 6, 2007

CDHP's and Employee Wellness Programs Gain Momentum In this " Age of Responsibility "

In a fascinating article about redesigning health care to improve the user experience to achieve the ultimate goal of a healthier population, the author used the phrase "The Age of Responsibility", to refer to the growing momentum of CDHP's and health savings accounts. He maintains that consumers want to be empowered and employers need healthier employees, their bottom line depends on it. The next stage is the "Age of Empowerment" when people have the tools at their disposal to be healthier. This comes from self care innovation, service innovation ( where companies implement employee wellness programs that make it easier for employees to implement healthy lifestyle choices and preventive health practices), and internet technologies that provide people with online tools to better manage their health.

A great example of service innovation, Discovery's wellness program which includes an on site medical clinic staffed by a doctor, nurses, and registered dietitian, on site exercise classes, free flu shots, blood pressure checks and cholesterol screenings, chair massage, subsidized gym memberships, employee wellness challenges and employee health education. Employees are routinely supported and encouraged to adopt healthy habits, a business initiative has saved Discovery over one million dollars a year since 2004.

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