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Monday, December 10, 2007

Four out of Five Employees View Wellness Programs As Positive

This is great news for companies implementing wellness programs and are worried about how they will be received. As part of the 2007 Health Confidence study conducted by the Employee Benefits Research institute, they surveyed employee attitudes towards wellness programs and the findings were positive!
82% surveyed felt positive about wellness programs in general!

6 out of 10 were comfortable with a program that provided access to screenings and health education programs.

Only 26% were not at all comfortable with programs that offered lower co-pays to employees who met certain criteria for healthy behaviors.

80% of workers were highly likely to participate in a wellness program that dropped their premiums by 10%.

On another note, there are many developments going on in the world of Health 2.0, consumer driven health care and the web based technology centered around personal health information and data. I am following a couple of blogs, one by Bob Coffield, a health care lawyer in West Virginia , and the other, a healthcare IT blog by Bill Crounse, MD the Worldwide Health Director for Microsoft. Lots of changes afoot!

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