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Friday, January 11, 2008

McCain Health Plan: Personal Responsibility and Wellness Programs

John McCain's health care plan emphasizes choice, personal responsibility and wellness programs. as reported on MSNBC, " when asked about how to keep the cost of health care down, McCain said not once, but twice, that the key to health care across America is to emphasize wellness and fitness".

This is taken directly from John McCain's healthcare plan:

"We must do more to take care of ourselves to prevent chronic diseases when possible, and do more to adhere to treatment after we are diagnosed with an illness.
Childhood obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure are all on the rise. We must again teach our children about health, nutrition and exercise - vital life information.
Public health initiatives must be undertaken with all our citizens to stem the growing epidemic of obesity and diabetes, and to deter smoking."

A caveat, this is not meant to be a whole hearted endorsement of his entire healthcare proposal, I am simply taking a look at the candidates healthcare plans in terms of whether or not they address the 70 percent of healthcare costs that are directly related to unhealthy lifestyle habits.
I don't believe any proposed healthcare reform plan can afford to overlook this critical statistic.

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