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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Small and Mid Sized Employers Can Benefit from Wellness Programs

Smaller companies have been slower to adopt wellness programs. Part of it might be the issue that to save money on health care costs, you have to spend money ; part of it might be due to the fact that many wellness companies structure their programs for large companies.

It seems counterintuitive to spend more money, but wellness programs typically cost less than 5% of a companies healthcare costs yet the return on investment is typically 2-3 times the costs after 18 months.

When wellness programs are offered by small and midsized companies, a higher percentage of employees participate when compared to wellness programs. According to a study by Principal as reported in Business Insurance, 74% of employees at small companies who offered health education tools participated in the program.

When properly implemented and incentivized wellness programs are recognized by employees as the benefit they are. Your wellness program does not need to be complicated, an annual health risk assessment, health screenings for the big three ( heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure), and proper health education make a great , minimal investment start to a company wellness program. Throw in a fun fitness or weight loss challenge with participation by the CEO or President, and participation and enthusiasm will really take off.

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