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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dietitians as Corporate Health Coaches

Dietitians can and should play an important role in corporate health programs. Not the role of food police, as some would have them be, but rather as a support helping individuals make the healthy food choices they need to reduce their risks for diabetes, heart disease etc.

Rebecca Scritchfield makes some great points on this issue in her blog, Balanced Health and Nutrition, about the recent bill in Mississippi which would have obese people barred from restaurants. Obese people face enough discrimination as it is, from groups which include physicians, and now our lawmakers.

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Anonymous said...

I hate to see that after all these years one state that has always been under educated in my opinion (if they were then they would have learned to give up prejudices a long time ago.) First they terrorize a whole race of people now they want to terrorize a whole other set of humans. If Mississippi cannot conduct theirselves any better then to even consider a bill as to barr obese people from restaraunts then the government needs to step in and revamp that whole state. Maybe instead of bussing kids from one school to another we need to bus Mississppi lawmakers around the Untied States so we don't have so many uneducted ones all gathered in one area. I hope they don't start dragging obese people around the streets tied to the back bumper of an old pickup truck, like they did so many years ago. That is one state I will not visit. Tell them to get over it.