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Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Wellness Roundup: News to Use

Today I'll kick off a new feature: A Friday roundup of three top news and insights on corporate wellness that you may have missed during the week.

1. For DelaWELL, making wellness a family affair.
The Review, the student newspaper of the University of Delaware, has a good rundown on year two of DelaWELL, a state employee corporate wellness plan. Interesting feature added this year, as cited by the paper: incentives not only for employees, but for their dependents over the age of 18 and their spouses.

"It's sort of a family affair," a spokesman told the newspaper. "We found that the program would be more successful if the entire family was involved."

2. Cost of Unwellness: $165 billion annually
A good entry in the blog Managing People in the 21st century cites a new report from HealthMedia Inc. that estimates the cost of obesity at $165 billion per year in terms of extra healthcare costs and lost productivity. Blog author and management consultant Eric Swenson recommends attaching a wellness component to an existing Employee Assistance Plan.

3. Google vs. Microsoft PHR, cont'd
Here's a blog entry that explains where the plans for Google Health and Microsoft's HealthVault, both of which involve personal health records, stand as of March.

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