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Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Wellness Roundup: News to Use

To end the week, three not-to-miss posts from the wellness blogosphere:

1. Dealing with "ignorers/deniers": Another excellent post, one of five about helping people make behavior change, by Steve Beller, psychologist and author of the Curing Healthcare blog.

2. Walking and Learning: The Discover Walking blog has a nice post about using walking time to learn a new language via podcast. Of course, the time spent walking can be used to learn virtually anything--or to "read" books. That may be worth mentioning to employees who feel the time they devote to exercise is "lost" to productivity.

3. Golfing Health: And with the first day of spring, our friends at the Wall Street Journal's Health blog have an entry about golf injuries to look for--worth a read as employees hit the links for the first time. In addition to the expected fears of lightning strikes and heart attacks, the entry mentions "golfer's wrist"--a tiny stress fracture that x-rays may miss.

For those who celebrate Easter, have a great holiday weekend!

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