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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wellness ROI tool: Do the Math

An invaluable new tool from our colleagues at the Wellness Councils of America helps you compute the ROI your particular company can get from a specific wellness program.

It takes data about your own company (number of employees, percent who smoke, etc.) that you put in yourself and uses legit scientific research to create a customized estimate of your savings and ROI for various interventions.
If you're trying to sell HR or C-level executives on corporate wellness, it puts powerful data in your hands. The estimated ROI for (say) an anti-smoking or weight-control program you propose can be calculated with a specific figure you can take upstairs.
It's based on scientific data, and all the savings and ROI assumptions in the calculator are footnoted. This isn't pie-in-the-sky data executives can dismiss.

It's a great ROI project from WELCOA that really can help move the wellness industry forward, with more credibility and data. Read a five-page document explaining the ROI calculator here.

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