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Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Green and Healthy Workplace

With Earth Day just past, maybe it's time to look beyond your wellness program and into your company's Green Workplace program.

Increasingly, wellness and green programs are linked. Both approaches offer employees a way to participate in activities beyond the usual scope of work, bond in shared experiences; and build morale. In some cases a single event can do double-duty: A cleanup of a nearby stream both gets people physically active and advances your company's green commitment as well.

The leading environmental website, TreeHugger, has an excellent list of ten ways your company can be greener.

Here are some highlights from the Top 10 that show how green policies and wellness/quality-of-life/productivity issues are linked:

Work from home

If you can telecommute, hold phone conferences, take online classes, or otherwise work from home, give it a try. It'll save you the time you would have spent on the trip as well as sparing the air. . . . .Also, consider the possibility of working four ten-hour days instead of five eight-hour days (a consolidated workweek), cutting the energy and time spent on commuting by 20% and giving you some lovely three-day weekends.

Redesign the workspace

Incandescent bulbs can be replaced with compact fluorescents and there is an ever-growing selection of high-end LED desk lamps that use miniscule amounts of energy. . . . Not only is natural daylight a free source of lighting for the office, it has been proven to improve worker productivity and satisfaction (as well as boost sales in retail settings). Workspace air quality is also crucial. Good ventilation and low-VOC paints and materials (such as furniture and carpet) will keep employees healthy.

Lunch time

. . . If you do go out for lunch, try biking or walking instead of driving.

Get others in on the act

. . .Arrange an office carpool or group bike commute. Trade shifts and job duties so that you can work four long days instead of five short ones. . .

At Wellness Corporate Solutions, we're increasingly finding that HR and wellness staff are enthusiastic about integrating green and wellness practices. So is upper management, who see a single program as delivering multiple benefits to workplace morale and good PR.

There are other tricks to the trade of combining programs. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your options.

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