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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reaching All Employees--With High ROI?

The World Health Care Blog has an excellent report about corporate wellness from the World Health Care Congress.

This one is about measuring employee engagement with wellness programs.

Quoting from blogger GVanAntwerp, who was at the conference blogging live:
James Roosevelt, CEO of the Tufts Health Plan, "said that 3-years ago they were in touch with 1.5% of their members on a regular basis…that number is now 22%. . .

"He laid out a good continuum of programs moving from low cost, healthy programs (wellness) to more expensive programs for at-risk people (disease mgmt) to high cost programs for the chronic patients. Tufts is moving to a consumer empowerment plan called My Wellness Plan which will focus on engaging 100% of their members and still get an ROI of greater than or equal to 1.5:1. He showed a chart that 50% of health costs are driven by health behaviors (good news in that it is an addressable challenge)."

Interesting ambition: Reach 100 percent of the workforce and keep ROI at 5 to 1. We'll see how that one goes.

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