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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Breast Cancer, Exercise and Wellness Programs

A great piece of research came out yesterday that can be really valuable at employee health fairs, walking programs or breast cancer week. It shows how regular physical activity reduces breast cancer risk by 25 percent.

This study on breast cancer and exercise probably has more practical uses for corporate wellness programs than any I’ve read in a long time.

First, the research shows that activity lowers breast cancer risk, period. Just being more active—no matter who you are, or what kind of activity you get--pushes down breast cancer risk. And get this: Moderate activity has the same benefits as vigorous activity.

But look at what the study found about which women had especially low risk.

Women who exercised after menopause

Women who get their exercise from recreational activities rather than through incidental activities like housework or job related effort

· Who got the least protective benefit? Women who are obese.

Think of how you can use this research to motivate women and support wellness programs.

Around breast cancer awareness events, you can publicize the proven role of physical activity in cutting breast cancer risk

When introducing walking programs, exercise discounts, a company gym or weight-control offering, you can motivate women by emphasizing the risk-reducing effect on breast cancer.

Anything you do related to health of women after menopause can include this information about exercise and lower risk of breast cancer.

It’s great when science turns out to be so useful to support corporate wellness initiatives. Especially when you’re trying to find good information to help convince HR and executive leaders on the value of a wellness program. Find a copy of the breast cancer/exercise study that appeared in the British Medical Journal.

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