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Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Roundup from the Wellness Blogophere

It's the end of the week, so let's take a quick tour of some interesting blog entries from the health and wellness blogosphere in the last seven days or so:

Rebecca Critchfield has an excellent report in her Balanced Health and Nutrition blog about the "new" sugar substitute "Truvia," which she says is likely to be a kind of "Splenda 2.0" As always, she filters the news through a skeptical filter.

One of my favorite bloggers, Dr. Toni Brayer, who writes the EverythingHealth blog, has a very good rundown on Google Health. Her brief summary conclusion:
In summary, the site is easy to use, but requires a bit of computer sophistication and a lot of work for the patient to get it populated with information. It would be a good and easy way for patients to keep track of their screening tests, immunizations and drugs without having to carry around little pieces of paper. It has a really clean look, just like the Google Search Site. There are no ads (hurray!!)
Tom Harnish, of the "Undress for Success: The Work at Home Blog" makes a good argument that with gas prices soaring, telework should become a serious consideration for employers. Workers save money, energy and time. His key point:
So what’s the point to this diatribe? The point is, as our research has shown, if just 40% of our workforce would telecommute (a realistic percentage supported by three studies, plus government and corporate experience) we could reduce our dependence on Gulf oil by 80%.
And speaking of gas prices (a good note to end on going into a long Memorial Day weekend), our friends at the HR Web Cafe have a good entry about the many implications high gas prices have on companies.
Among the opportunities created by the crisis? Support for walking and biking programs. Once again, wellness programs can support environmental issues and workplace efficiency.
But speaking of efficiency. . .well, forget about efficiency. It's time for a holiday weekend. Relax, enjoy, recharge. Have a great time!

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