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Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Wellness Roundup

Time for the Friday links—a quick list of items of interest to the wellness community.

I hope you caught the report about the new “Well-Being” Index. The Gallup Organization teamed with Healthways to create a new method of measuring the nation’s overall wellness, sort of like the Dow-Jones Industrial Average of personal health and happiness. It’s full of good stuff for wellness professionals—which workplace characteristics make employees more happy, for example.

With the two Democrats fighting for votes, GOP candidate John McCain is starting to clarify his healthcare plans. Here’s a brief overview of how McCain’s health care proposal is shaping up--and a note on how the Democrats are moving around a bit too.

And finally, here’s a great news story that shows that diabetics who had as little as one educational intervention were far less likely to be hospitalized for their condition. Estimated savings for those people who had an educational session? Over $11,000. Tell that to the next C-level executive who tells you wellness education isn’t worth the money.

Have a great weekend!

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