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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Healthy Steps: Keep It Moving

Here’s a great success story about a public wellness initiative: A federally funded wellness program launched in Salinas, Calif., (and 11 other cities) has proven to be so successful that local leaders are working to ensure Steps to a Healthier Salinas continues after the federal funding runs out.

The program targeted making civic progress against expensive chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease by helping people get more active, eat better and quit smoking. The city of Salinas got $8.4 million in federal aid in 2003 to make the program go.

The money runs out next year. The new plan is to get support from religious, community and business groups to spread the program county-wide.

Here is some information about the Federal Steps to a HealthierUS program. One goal of this federal program was to launch the campaigns and then see local communities take them over. It looks like it just may work in Salinas.

Here's a federal guide to the various Healthier Steps programs in locations nationwide.

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James Barger DC said...

I am interested in finding out more information on the Federal Steps to a Healthier US program and how I might be able to implement this in the Sacramento, California area. Please let me know if you get any further information.
Thank You,
James Barger, DC