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Friday, June 6, 2008

Wellness Roundup: Walking, Prevention, Gas Prices

A quick tour around the wellness blogosphere to end the week:

As usual, our friend Rebecca Critchfield has an excellent entry this week. This one expresses her skepticism about the Overall Nutrition Quality Index, a new way to measure foods’ overall “healthiness.”

One of my favorite walking blogs, Discover Walking, reports on a new British study showing an hour of brisk walking burns about 500 calories. The blog is always full of great stuff to inspire walkers and build your own walking programs.

Speaking of locomotion, the HR Web CaféS has a thought-provoking entry about how rising gas prices affect employee morale and productivity.

And finally, the Health Care Blog has a great entry that provides an effective, science-based, pro-prevention response to the recent research suggesting that prevention programs aren’t effective.

Well, happy almost-summer, and enjoy your weekend.

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