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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Work-Life Balance: Learn It Online

I was surfing around looking for resources on Work/Life balance, which is one of the topics clients tell me they’re most interested in. (I could do better with life-work balance myself, but that’s another story.)

I came across a great free online tool that can support any workplace work/life balance program.

The women’s online site iVillage, as part of its iLearning, program, offers a four-part online course that explains life/work balance and gives practical tips.

The online course offers multimedia online content, quiz and a community to interact with. The first session launched June 9, but you can sign up to begin any of the four lessons any time before July 11. And you can take the sessions whenver.

Which is good, since if you’re working on life-work balance, you’ll have to take it when you can set aside time, not on someone else’s schedule. Right?

I’ve mentioned this before, but you’ll also find good info on work-life balance at the following two websites:

The Alliance for Work-Life Progress

Families and Work Institute

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