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Monday, July 28, 2008

Corporate Wellness Programs: The Evolution Continues

Corporate wellness programs are on the rise and evolving, predicts Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a prominent employee placement firm.

According to an article in the Providence Journal, the company looked into a magical corporate crystal ball for its annual “ Workplace Trends of the Future” report and saw that:
“Corporate wellness programs will be more widespread and sophisticated… and worker participation will be mandatory in more and more cases. Companies will take a harder line on unhealthy habits, particularly smoking.”
That is, for those that still offer health benefits: Interestingly, Challenger also forecasts that a growing number of cost-conscious employers will cut medical benefits and shift the financial burden to employees.

In that case, says the article, “the wellness movement is likely to melt away like a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s in the hot sun.”

Granted, I am clearly biased, but it seems utterly unlikely that the health insurance system, as we know it, is on its way out anytime soon. So I say look into your own magical crystal ball and start further developing your corporate wellness program…

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Anonymous said...

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