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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A High-Flying Wellness Initiative

Recently, the Montreal Gazette took a look at the unique employee wellness program at Ericsson Canada, a global telecommunications supplier, and how it’s blossomed over the years.

The very successful program includes the usual nutrition and fitness classes like Pilates, personal training and exercise clinics on different body parts, but it also takes things a step further by focusing on employees’ mental and emotional health, too. Offerings include: information sessions on alternative health options, lectures on stress management and personal growth; and courses on empowerment and personal development.
One initiative, in particular, caught my eye: Ericsson now gives employees the opportunity to learn to fly, with the assistance of Air Richelieu. That’s right, with the help and encouragement of their corporate wellness program, workers can obtain a private pilot's license (although there is an additional fee). It’s the ultimate empowerment skill.
According to program’s director, the idea is to show employees that "they can do anything they want to. It's about challenges and personal power."

The link with the corporate world is that wellness programs that focus on individual needs seek to make the participants better as people, she added: “And if they're better people, they're better employees."

Personally, I love the idea of taking corporate wellness into the stratosphere, both literally and figuratively. A private jet and flying lessons may be a bit much, but corporate wellness doesn’t have to be boring and typical either. Innovation and fresh views are always welcome.

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