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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Healthcare Costs Still Rising--But Slowing

Even more reason to gear up employee wellness offerings and focus on your ROI…
Pretty much all the papers report on new research showing that employer healthcare costs are expected to rise an average 10.6 percent over the next year, according to a survey of more than 70 leading insurers by Aon Consulting Worldwide.
If you break it down by plan type, that’s a 10.6 percent hike for HMOs, 10.5 percent for POS plans, 10.7 percent for PPOs and 10.5 percent for CDH plans.
Seems like a lot, right? These are actually the smallest increases since the study began in 2001—a sign that wellness programs are working.
According to the News&Observer:
“Experts say the latest survey shows that efforts to tame costs, such as employee wellness or disease management programs, may be paying off. ‘There's a variety of tactics that employers have been employing over the last three to six years that has had an impact,’ said study director Bill Sharon.”
Still, in a press release from Aon, Sharon notes that, “more must be done to truly stem the tide of rising health care costs. This includes greater senior management support for these [wellness] programs, better employee communications and more consistent cooperation from the medical community.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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Mike Craycraft said...

Workplace wellness and preventive programs are certainly the way to go to prevent the ever increasing costs of health care. Unfortunately, the buy in from senior management is a major complication in not getting programs started.