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Thursday, August 28, 2008

This Blog has Been "Discovered"!

I try not to toot my own horn too much in this blog. But I can't resist pointing out that Corporate Wellness Insights has been "discovered" as a high quality blog by HR Web Cafe (which happens to be one of my favorite blogs!).

Here's what Julie Ferguson said in her entry, entitled "A Few 'New' HR Blog Discoveries":
. . .we were pleased to discover Corporate Wellness Insights a blog by Wellness Corporate Solutions, a Maryland-based employee wellness company. As the title implies, this blog focuses on all things related to wellness. The blog features weekly wellness news roundups, case histories of organizations with successful and high ROI wellness programs, and posts on topical health issues such as cancer and obesity.
Make sure you read Julie's entire entry. How else would you find out about Punk Rock Human Resources? I'm flattered to be in such good company.

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Unknown said...

What a nice compliment. Thank you. :)