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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Denver-Area Mayors Take On Wellness

Although Colorado was recently named the thinnest state in the nation, that’s just not good enough for 27 mayors in and around Denver. They've joined together in a wellness quest to make their metropolitan area “America’s healthiest community.”

According to an article in the Denver Business Journal, each of these mayors has agreed to support at least six of more than 30 wellness options for improving the health of their communities.

The wellness options include co-sponsoring fitness events, publicizing health and wellness resources and programs, providing access to smoking-cessation programs, incorporating pedestrian and cyclist access in master planning, and conducting needs assessments on access to healthy foods.

An inspiring quote, from a statement by Randy Pye, chair of the caucus and mayor of the city of Centennial:
“Adopting [a plan] on health and wellness is a natural outgrowth of the caucus’ work to find creative solutions on some of the most challenging issues in our region… The metro region can achieve a measurable decline in its rate of obesity and obesity-related diseases if every community makes a few changes to help the public get moving and eating right.”
Wouldn't it be great if every community had that sort of commitment?

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