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Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekly Roundup: Telecommuting Tipping Point, Obesity Costs, More

Another week, another expedition around the health and wellness blogosphere, which is awash with reports of the rising prevalence of telecommuting—and, as always, obesity:
The Future of Work asks if the telecommuting tipping point has finally arrived, thanks, in no small part, to outrageous gas and energy prices

Reuters describes how some of the problems associated with being overweight, like developmental delays and breathing issues, are now seen even in infants.

In news from abroad, The Independent reports that British parents will now receive written notice of their children’s weight—aka “fat reports” from after school weigh-ins, in order to help combat the country’s rising obesity problem.

And finally, the HR Web Café looks at the prevalence of obesity--and associated costs--are on the rise.
So this weekend, take a moment to consider the advantages of working from home—meetings in your pajamas, anyone?!?—and get out there and get active with your children, whether it’s just a friendly game of tag or a vicious family soccer showdown...

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