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Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Corporate Wellness Success Story: JR Smith

Yet another example of a budding corporate wellness initiative: An article in the Spartanburg Herald Journal details the corporate wellness offerings at JR Smith, which has several pharmaceutical and health care businesses, and more than 1,100 employees.

In addition to standard offerings like on-site workout rooms, set walking paths in company warehouses and gym membership stipends, JR Smith’s newest wellness initiatives include the "Walk Around America" program, which encourages workers to take 770,000 steps in 90 days.

Its 350 participants received pedometers, and many have been walking—during breaks, lunch hour or before or after work—with a “buddy” for moral support.
There’s also the company’s two-year fitness challenge, which aims for workers to achieve a 10 percent weight drop and a healthy body mass index—and is offering cash rewards up to $3,000 as incentive. More than a third of employees are currently up for this challenge...
Why the long-range focus? The idea is that if you lose weight and keep it off for two years, you are much less likely to gain it back, Rhonda Lockhart, director of human resources for JR Smith, told the newspaper. "We truly want healthy employees."

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