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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Best Small Workplaces Embrace Fitness

Thanks to the good folks at HR Web Café for drawing our attention to a new list of the top small workplaces in North America—and the practices that make them great. These include a focus on corporate wellness and prevention.

For the second year in a row, Winning Workplaces and The Wall Street Journal have selected the 15 best small businesses from more than 400 entries, based on factors like growth in revenue and employees, and the rate of employee tenure and turnover.

So what do these companies have in common? A brief list of some shared best practices:
  • They take a long view of their business
  • It's not just about profits…these firms intend to change society
  • Open communication helps weather the good times and the bad
  • Teamwork — it's how the work gets done
  • Employee development assures quality execution
  • Workspace matters
  • Employees share in the risks and rewards
  • A focus on well-being, prevention and health builds endurance
Yay, corporate wellness! Indeed, according to the Wall Street Journal’s own report on the winners:
“Rather than offer a set of "one size fits all" benefit programs, these firms take a more integrated and holistic approach in order to meet employees' individual needs and to nurture a culture of good mental and physical health. To achieve this, these employers offer above-industry-average medical benefits, wellness programs that promote prevention and health, and flexible work options to help employees balance work and life demands.”
Specifically, eleven of the top 15 companies offer employee wellness programs, while 13 offer some kind of flexible work option.

You can read more about this competition and the common characteristics of top small businesses—and catch a video and slide show about each of the winners.

And if you think that your company has what it takes to top the list, try submitting a nomination for 2009.

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