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Monday, October 6, 2008

Brain Fitness: Next Frontier in Corporate Wellness?

The notion that we should keep our minds just as healthy as our bodies has been much in the news lately, given the plethora of new research showing that both mental and physical exercise can improve brain function and protect against the cognitive decline that comes with age.

Now, the folks at the “Fit Brains Blog” recommend that companies consider adding brain health to their corporate wellness programs. Some of their quick tips:

  • Educate the entire workforce, including the leadership team, on the basics of the human brain and what research tells us about how to keep your brain healthy. Consider the costs of dementia related care on your workforce and the fact that a high percentage of your workforce is concerned about their own brain health and this becomes a “no brainer” for inclusion in the company wellness program...
  • Work with the dietary staff in the cafeteria to promote brain healthy foods. This includes increases in fruits, vegetables, fish products, nuts, and juices. Reduce the trans fatty acids and fatty foods found in the vending machines.
  • Encourage the employees to begin a regular exercise routine that is focused on walking and aerobic exercise. Teach the employees that each time the heart beats 25 percent of the blood goes directly to the brain.
  • Educate and encourage your workforce to learn how to use relaxation exercises and meditation to reduce stress. An overly stressed brain does not learn or process well and this will reduce productivity.

This recent article from the Los Angeles Times seconds the notion that brain function gets a boost from plain old walking.

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