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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Corporate Wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness

It's still early in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I hope you have some workplace programs in place.
In addition to programs that encourage or provide mammograms, many progressive employers:
  • provide educational workshops on prevention and detection
  • host presentations by breast cancer expert speakers and survivors
  • circulate printed materials on breast self-exam
  • launch healthy diet-and-exercise programs
  • offer special healthy menus in the cafeteria
  • support local fundraising walks
  • make special web information resources available
Here are three web resources I find particularly valuable for corporate wellness breast cancer awareness programs:
American Cancer Society's Making Strides program

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

And our good friend-in-the-blogosphere Rebecca Scritchfield has a characteristically informative post on breast cancer prevention worth checking out.
If you don't have any activities planned for Breast Cancer Awareness month, there's still time! You can contact us at Wellness Corporate Solutions to advise you on a workplace breast cancer awareness program.


Erica said...

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is a great fundraising event and the money truly goes straight to research. I used to participate when I lived in San Francisco but haven't tapped in to what's going on in the D.C. area yet.

Fiona Gathright said...

Thanks, Erica! Yes, it's always great to see a fundraiser where the money goes right where you want it. Congrats for your participation, and we hope you continue your good work in D.C.
In good health,