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Monday, October 20, 2008

Corporate Wellness Helps Employees Save Money

With the end of the year and the start of a new health benefits and open enrollment season fast approaching, I’ve spotted a slew of news stories on how employees can save money on their employer-sponsored health insurance, even amidst rising costs.

Interestingly, articles like this one, in the Washington Post, contain a few plugs for corporate wellness programs. For example, two of the piece’s seven tips on how to cut workers’ health-care costs:
"Take Advantage of Financial Incentives
Increasingly, companies are offering cash or reduced premiums when you complete a detailed health questionnaire, get checkups or join disease management programs.
And Remember
One of the best ways to avoid medical expenses is to take care of yourself by getting preventive care, eating well and exercising."
And this is from the Wall Street Journal Health Blog’s take on saving money on health care next year:
“See if your company offers incentives for wellness or prevention programs... incentives such as premium discounts for filling out basic health questionnaires… The company uses employees’ answers to recommend things they can do to lower health risks. Some companies are giving additional incentives to workers who follow through and actually try to lower their risk factors.”
Definitely seems worth reminding your own employees that they can save anywhere from a little to a whole lot of cash by taking advantage of corporate wellness offerings….

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