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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Employee Views of Corporate Wellness Programs

The Wall Street Journal blog "The Juggle," on balancing work and family life, recently opened up the topic of whether its readers would let their companies help make them healthier.
Author Stefanie Ilgenfritz points out that workers don’t universally participate in corporate wellness programs, and wonders why.
Looking for a potential explanation, she cites a new study showing that “just 16% of the 2,885 employees surveyed by Harris Interactive said their employer provides work time during the day to participate in wellness programs—which can include anything from on-site gyms to nutrition counseling. Among those who didn’t participate in wellness programs, 41% said that having time during the day to do it would make them more likely to jump in.”
It then asks: “Readers, would you exercise and eat right if your employer provided the services—and the chance to do it on the company dime? Or would you be uncomfortable breaching that wall between your personal and work lives?”
I think it’s both interesting and worthwhile to scroll through the dozens of responses and comments, to get an idea of how employees feel about corporate wellness and to see their suggestions about how our programs can be improved and utilized more frequently.

It’s also a great opportunity to join the discussion, and provide a little bit of corporate wellness insight from the inside.

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