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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hidden Risk: Wellness and Sudden Cardiac Arrest

A very interesting post from our friend Bill Meltzer over at HR Benefits Alert this week about a “hidden risk” of corporate wellness programs: Employees who suffer sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in a workplace gym.

According to Meltzer:
“Over the last few years, several privately owned gyms have been sued — and agreed to expensive settlements — after exercisers suffered sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and died before help arrived. In each case, the facility either did not have lifesaving equipment on the premises or didn’t have personnel properly trained to use it.

Some legal experts have expressed concern that employers could also be at risk if the unthinkable happened on company premises while an employee worked out as part of a company-sponsored wellness program.”
Read his full post to learn more about sudden cardiac arrest and your potential legal risks—as well as the importance of having an automated external defibrillator (AED) on site near any workplace fitness room, along with an employee who’s trained to use it.
As this post reminds us, “Prevention and education are always your company’s best tools for avoiding liability. In this case, where human life is involved, the choice seems rather obvious.”

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