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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holistic Wellness at all Levels of Business

It's a little less lonely at the top if you have a sisterhood to support you.

A group of seven female executives in Kansas City gets together once a month to share business practices -- but as important to the women is the sharing of work-life balance. Meeting and talking with each other help the women step back from their businesses enough to articulate their fears and hopes and to support each other holistically.

“Our message is to live intentionally,” says Gina Stuelke, president of Kenton Brothers Inc., a security systems company.

That sort of holistic approach to wellness is important within the workplace as well, says Jay Vandegrift, founder of workplace wellness provider Wellness Coaches USA.

A culture of caring and authenticity is more effective in the long run than having employees simply tick off fitness goals using an online or software program. Hire a wellness coach, host smoking cessation classes, he says, and "have the people who lead the company demonstrate their commitment to wellness."

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Anonymous said...

that's great to see women business owners be able to get together and help support each other.