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Monday, November 3, 2008

New Ways to Reward Healthy Behavior

Sometimes keeping employees healthy means customizing rewards for healthy behavior. Corporate wellness is growing savvier about customized incentives and about employee wellness programs in general, according to this month's Entrepreneur magazine. "All Well and Good" discusses the return on investment for wellness programs and highlights businesses that provide "21st century incentives"-rewards that go beyond current favorites like cash, gift cards and health insurance premium discounts.

Advent, a Nashville, Tennessee-based experiential marketing firm with 32 employees, for example, offers customized rewards specifically tailored to employees' interests-from a pair of cowboy boots and guitar lessons to personal training sessions and paid-time off to build orphanages in Central America. "We define wellness more liberally than others might," Advent president John Roberson told the magazine. "It's about more than the physical; it's the whole person. So we encourage those things that will help not only [employees'] physical health, but their emotional well-being, too."

So what's the payoff? Roberson went on to add: "We attract employees who see we are about more than just profits."

What do employees think of your company's incentives? It just might be time for a 21st Century makeover.

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