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Friday, November 21, 2008

Weekly Round Up: Social Networking, Stress and Travel, and Worst Employees

  • Social networking is good for business, according to a new study, Executive Insights into Enterprise Social Network Strategy. But is that good for employees? Turns out users of online blogs and sites like Facebook are more likely to blur the line between home and work -- and work more during off hours.

  • Fly the Angry Skies? Hundreds of workers at the Newark Liberty Airport are getting a crash course in handling stress. Traveler stress is expected to be at a high this holiday season, in the wake of layoffs and the economic downturn.

  • 10 Worst Kinds of Employees? Maybe getting away next week is worth the airport hassle, after all. Read Machelle Williams' very funny list of employees from hell on Helium.com.

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