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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Workplace Wellness on a Shoe String

Workplace wellness doesn’t have to mean on-site gyms, says the Wall Street Journal, in a new addition to their Small Business How-to Guides.

Yesterday I talked about small-business dissatisfaction with health-plan wellness programs. Today, I am going to share a few tips on making your business more “wellness friendly” for employees.

• Replace vending machine candy with granola bars and low-fat treats.
• Post fast-food facts in the kitchen area (Burger King Whopper with cheese is less appealing when you see that 48 grams of fat attached to it).
• Reward employees for taking confidential health risk assessments. Make sure you offer an incentive to increase employee participation.
Review claims at the end of year and bring in speakers to address relevant issues, such as high blood pressure.

Lunchtime speakers can have great impact on employees. A few of my personal favorites include the following topics for brown-bag sessions:
Stress management and easy meditation techniques
Nutrition advice and cooking tips
Stairwell walking and office stretches – as demonstrated by a senior executive!

Ask employees what they would like to hear about, and let me know what they say.

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