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Monday, December 1, 2008

Employee Holiday Wellness

All right, it's holiday time, and we know all about the difficulty of work and family schedules, the downside of excess food and drink, and so on.

But check out Forbes Magazine's 10 Hidden Risks of the Holidays, a sort of Grinch-y what-can-go-wrong litany of holiday warnings.
  1. Little children: "Whether they get the common cold or influenza, youngsters exhale more virus than do adults, and they transmit the virus for longer periods of time, even after they become well," says Bill Schaffner M.D., chair of the Department of Preventive Medicine at the Vanderbilt Medical School in Nashville.
  2. Shopping for gifts: Beware germ laden escalator handrails and shopping carts, which according to studies are especially rife with bacteria during the holiday season.
  3. Travel: Watch out for airline check-in kiosks, which service a quick succession of travelers each hour, and airplane tray tables, which harbor more germs than an airplane toilet.
It's all kind of a stretch, of course, more of a provocation than a real warning.

But the holidays do provide a good excuse to get some corporate wellness messages out--about flu shots, food safety, hand sanitizers. Oh, and stress management.

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