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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top Issues of 2008 - Wellness Value and ROI

As part three of my year-end round up, I took a quick look at a couple of key issues of 2008: wellness value and ROI.

I first reviewed posts on studies that question the value of wellness. (Why, I wonder, is this even still an issue?) Here is what I found:

The Value of Wellness Programs
October 8
The Business Week “Debate Room” blog recently tackled this timely corporate wellness topic: “Businesses should stop trying to meddle in their workers’ health and fitness habits. Pro or con?”

There were some interesting points on both sides.

First, lawyer Harvey A. Schwartz from Rodgers, Powers & Schwartz made the argument that “Haranguing workers isn’t healthy.” A snippet:
“Cutting-edge employers are climbing over one another to help employees lose weight, quit smoking, stop drinking, get buff, and turn into all-around better human beings. Welcome to the wholesome workplace of the 21st century. Right? Wrong…
Read on...

Return on Investment
Another important issue I looked at in 2008 is the ongoing push for ROI. Review the year of posts on that topic to get a good background on the return on investment in wellness programs.

Have a healthy New Year, everyone!

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