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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top Searches of the Year

I was surprised at the choice of words or phrases that took top place as "hottest searches" on Corporate Wellness Insights. The most searched for words ran the gamut from nuts-and-bolts issues to some of the headier news of the year.

  1. The number one search over the past 12 months was "Corporate Walking Programs." You all are apparently interested in getting practical, how-to information. Searchers found a lot to read about on "Corporate" wellness programs and on "Walking"
  2. Coming in at a close second was "Walmart insurance." I had juicy post about Wal-Mart that looked at "where big business stands on health reform." Check it out.
  3. Finally, at number three was "Google wellness program." I covered Google extensively, from the first announcement of the Google Health personal health record site in February to its newest competition, Optumhealth in December.

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