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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Workplace Conflict Costs Billions

Corporate wellness isn’t just about improving the physical health of employees. We also care about their emotional and psychological health.

Workplace Conflict
According to a new study by the CPP Inc., a provider of research, training, and organizational development tools, workplace conflict results in billions of dollars in lost hours and injuries. Conflict in the workplace “has a severely crippling effect on productivity, morale and workplace safety,” according to the study.

Some of the troubling findings:
  • U.S. companies spent $359 billion in paid hours in 2008 addressing workplace conflict.
  • One in three employees said that conflict has led to personal injury or attacks.
  • One in five reported that conflict has led to illness or absence from work.
"Companies are losing billions of dollars because of poorly managed conflict,” said Jeff Hayes, CEO of CPP Inc .“We expect that figure to grow in a down economy as stress and workload -- two of the biggest causes of conflict -- rise."

What Can We in Wellness Management Do?
The good news is that training in conflict resolution can greatly reduce workplace conflict and its toll. Our friend Julie Ferguson at HR Web Café has collected a great list of resources, including six tips to managing workplace conflict. See her post for even more ideas for handling workplace conflict.

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Poppy said...

Besides just personal conflict, the wellness of your staff can end up costing you your company too. This issue is discussed regarding workplace alcoholism in this book I read http://www.raisethebottom.com/ The author has the unique perspective of also being an alcoholic himself.