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Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Workers Plan to Balance Priorities

Perhaps when the economy is in the dumps and there are fewer jobs to be had, people reaccess their values. According to a survey conducted for FedEx Office, 86 percent of full-time workers surveyed said they plan to find a better balance between work and their personal lives. It's interesting to note that the younger workers were more likely to believe a good work-life balance is important.

Still, we are a long shot from an earlier era when most people expected to work eight-hour days and leave work at the office. A global economy and the ability to work from anywhere, thanks to the internet, make it difficult to maintain boundaries between work and home. The repercussions of overworking can be devastating. Consider these pros and cons of working long hours cited by the Mayo Clinic:
  • Fatigue. Your ability to think decreases when you're tired. Mistakes can can have a negative impact your professional reputation.
  • Family. When you miss events like your child's first bike ride or your father's 60th birthday you also sacrifice relationships with your loved ones.
  • Friends. Trusted friends are a key part of your support system, and these are often the first relationships to go.
  • Expectations. If you regularly work extra hours, you may be given more responsibility, creating a never-ending cycle of over work.
Wellness Advice
It is important to coach employees to handle the stress of work and employer expectations. Consider sharing these techniques from the Mayo Clinic.
  • Keep a log of all work and non-work activities. Cut tasks that are not-necessary or that you don't enjoy, where ever possible.
  • Take advantage of flex-hours and telecommuting.
  • Practice the art of saying NO.Turn down requests from co-workers or people in your community. Practice being clear about what you will and will not do.
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Anonymous said...

this is great. there should be more companies doing what Wellness Corporate Solutions is doing. it's good to know that more people are rethinking their priorities, now they just have to actually start acting out on what they want.